Museum of Political History of Russia is to open on the 27th of July

08 July 2020

Now the workers of the cultural space are actively preparing the rooms and the expositions for the reception of visitors.

State Museum of  Political History of Russiais to open on the 27th of July. It is reported that extensive health safety provision works are being conducted in the territory of the cultural objectat the moment.For example, marking is being laid in the halls, protective shields are being installed near the reception desk and in the checkout area. Furthermore, now the museum workers are preparing special itineraries that will help tourists keep distance.

It is remarkable that Confederates. Opponents. Enemies. For Vladimir Lenin and Peter Struve’s 150th anniversaryexhibitionis to have been prepared just by the time the museum opens. The visitors will also be able to see Antifascist strategical graphics of World War II exhibitionand other permanent expositions.