Fund «Close Others» and Gogol Library collect books for for childrens with special needs

10 July 2020

These organizations are launching the “Gift of Knowledge” charity event. Until the end of July, 120 new developmental books are being collected for wards of the fund - children under the age of 10 with developmental disabilities living in boarding houses and families.

Every day for them is a struggle for a normal life, in which there is not always time and opportunity to find peer friends. Taking part in the action, you save the child from loneliness.

To help children, it is enough to bring books to the Gogol library for the development of logic and speech, therapeutic tales, drawing books and panoramic books, as well as publications with sound effects.

You can bring books during the working hours of the Gogol library and transfer them to any employee. (Library work schedule: Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 20:00).

More information about the action is available on the website of the fund «Close Others».