Five things you can save on traveling by car

13 July 2020, a Russian holiday home reservation service, has revealed how to save on car travel in Russia this summer by interviewing users of social networks.

This year, Russian tourists began to travel often with tents by cars, mainly they go on weekends with an overnight stay.

«Of course, this is not the same vacation with a tent as before» comments Oksana Shustikova, director of development and communications of the service. «Modern tents and all the conditions for a comfortable stay: shower, solar panels, sun loungers. This kind of tourists choose «wild» beaches where there are no large crowds of people and in the morning you can have a cup of coffee right on the seashore, swaying in a sun lounger.»

According to the survey, 41.18% of Russians save in car travel on entertainment. In second place with economical auto-tourists - housing, 29.41%. Also in the comments, users of social networks (11.76%) noted that they want to have fun on vacation but because of the pandemic of coronavirus they prefer to bypass all the massive parties and events. 9.41 percent of independent travelers save on food in roadside cafes and take a slow cooker with them and buy food in stores along the way.

Five things you can save on traveling by car:

Entertainment, 41.18% *

Housing, 29.41%

Fuel, 7.06%

Food, 6%

Maintenance, 1.18%

* According to a survey of social networks