There will be a square named after Daniil Granin in St. Petersburg

13 July 2020

In the near future, large-scale landscaping work will begin on the territory where the square will be located.

A square named after Daniil Granin will open in the Nevsky District of St. Petersburg in October this year. Last Friday, the head of the Nevsky District administration, Alexei Gulchuk, introduced a landscaping concept of where the memorial square will be located. Thus, on this plot of 1 ha (10000 sq. m.), benches, street lamps and urns will be installed. Also, the square will be greened and paths and squares located here will be paved over. The work is planned to be completed before the end of this year.

According to the daughter of the writer Marina Chernysheva-Granina, the square is dedicated to the work “Blockade Book”. “Father always said that the “Blockade Book” is primarily a book “on the intelligentsia and on the intelligence.” “I am convinced that people from St. Petersburg deserve such a square,” she said.