The toponymic commission refused to rename the Shushary station to Kolpinskaya

13 July 2020

The members of the toponymic commission examined questions about the possible renaming of metro stations.

On June 10, a meeting of the St. Petersburg Interdepartmental Names Commission was held in the Committee of Culture, chaired by Vice Governor Vladimir Kirillov. During the event, members of the toponymic commission decided that the Shushary station should not be renamed Kolpinskaya.

Also, experts considered the issue of renaming the Yugo-Zapadnaya station to Marshalskaya. But this proposal also did not receive support from the members of the commission.

“Shushary station” is located in the “Shushary” industrial zone on the territory of the same name and does not belong to the territory of the Kolpino district. The name of the “Yugo-Zapadnaya” station is also closely related to its location”, experts noted.