Street ball field was opened in New Holland

13 July 2020

New Holland is constantly being transformed and the “House 12” has recently been restored in the territory of space. Last week, staff prepared another pleasant surprise for visitors – they opened a platform for playing street ball.

Last week, a special field for a street ball was opened in New Holland. The author of the project is artist Alexei Luka. “In his work for New Holland, he used images of old St. Petersburg - metlakh tiles in front rooms, parquet of communal apartments, granite embankments, brick warehouses – so that the site fits in seamlessly with the historical environment,” notes the official group of the space.

It is reported that the field meets the requirements of the FIBA International Basketball Federation, and is also an art object. We add that the employees of New Holland asked visitors treat carefully the new field and follow certain rules while they are at the sports facility.