A legal way to paint graffiti in St. Petersburg

13 July 2020

The Committee for Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations has developed a special guideline for young artists on how to paint legal graffiti. It describes the conditions for painting graffiti and the requirements artists need to fulfill.

«Young artists who are afraid of getting fined for their graffiti images or getting their works painted over address tous. We have developed a guideline especially for them to describe the mechanism of obtaining the necessary approvals», said Yulia Ablets, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations.

The main requirement for a graffiti image is its accordance with the format of St. Petersburg, the general concept and architectural style of the city. It means that when painting graffiti, you are obliged to take into account the style of the facades of buildings, structures and the appropriacy of your work to a certain territory. The list of the objects that prohibit any graffiti is available on the website: https://kgiop.gov.spb.ru/uchet/list_objects.
First, the artist needs to contact the owner of the object to coordinate with them the place and the project of the image, and then they need to submit an application o the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture. It is important that the date and time of painting the image is negotiated with the owner of the object at least 3 days in advance and only after obtaining the approval of the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture.

The artist can only paint the image before the eyes of the owner's representative and use the materials, tools and personal protective equipment prepared by their own.

The safety of the image is monitored by the artist. If its state suns at is factory, the artist will need to restore it at their own expense, coordinating the restoration with the owner of the object.

The guideline was developed in accordance with the decree of the Government of Saint Petersburg called «The Rules on how to improve the Territory of St.Petersburg and the Amendments to some Decisions of the Government of Saint Petersburg». It was officially posted on the Committee’s website in the «Creative Youth» section. http://(https://www.gov.spb.ru/gov/otrasl/kpmp/tvorchestvo)