What visitors to the Russian Museum will not see after coronavirus isolation?

15 July 2020

The Russian Museum opens on 15 of June. As in many other places of cultural heritage, visitors are forbidden to gather in large groups, 10 people will be allowed into the museum every 20 minutes.

At the entrance, each visitor is measured temperature and asked to wear masks. Museum staff adheres to the same measures. Cafe and souvenir shops are closed.

Some paintings began to have speaking names with a recommendatory character: "Eating is better now at home!" reminiscent of Boris Kustodiev, placed in a fashionable purple frame “Merchant's Tea”. “Put on gloves” and “Take care of each other” are asked by the heroes of other works.

Some dead-end rooms “fell out” of the route: you won’t be able to see the work of Pavel Fedotov and Alexei Venetsianov. The pandemic deprived visitors and access to the works of Kazimir Malevich and Vasily Kandinsky. According to the leadership of the museum, halls that cannot be crossed through are places of potential crowds of spectators, which mean they are potentially dangerous. The main change is the inability to go directly from the Mikhailovsky Palace to the Benois building. Entrance is across the street for a separate ticket.




According to Fontanka.ru

Photo: tatiana_burchevskaya on Instagram