Expositions will resume work in Peter and Paul Fortress

15 July 2020

The exposition "The Subject World of Art Nouveau" and the Museum of Architectural Artistic Ceramics "Keramarch" will resume work in the Peter and Paul Fortress on 16 of June.

The exposition "The Subject World of Art Nouveau" in the Nikolskaya Curtain is dedicated to the turn of the XIX - early XX century, which is called the era of Art Nouveau.

The new exposition is based on a collection of furniture. In the modern era, the heavy furniture of the eclectic period was replaced by practical headsets of light construction. Table and mantel clocks and picture frames decorated in the Art Nouveau style are displayed next to the pieces of furniture.

Particularly noteworthy are the porcelain sculptural compositions created at the Imperial Porcelain Factory based on models of famous artists: "The Lady Taking off the Mask" by K. A. Somov and V. A. Serov "The Rape of Europe".

A striking addition to the exposition is the stained-glass windows and doors of the early 20th century, which once adorned St. Petersburg houses.

The Keramarch Museum of Architectural Artistic Ceramics, which is located in the State Bastion, will demonstrate items from the collection of architectural details of the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg and the collection of the Pallada company. These are stoves and fireplaces of the 18th-20th centuries, as well as rare examples of decoration of the facades of famous buildings of St. Petersburg.