Raid equipment for the Main Naval Parade was installed in the Neva River

15 July 2020

In the water area of ​​the Neva River, the installation of road stead equipment for the static part of the Main Naval Parade has been completed.

In accordance with the Plan for the preparation and conduct of the Parade, the installation was organized by the Committee ofLaw, Order and Security. There are two raids: between the Blagoveshchenskiy and Dvortsovyi bridges and between the Dvortsovyi and Troitskiy bridges.

The contractor's specialists installed 20 sets of raid equipment from special barrels with a volume of 8.5 cubic meters. Barrel anchors weigh from 5 to 25 tons.

Thanks to this equipment, the ships of the Leningrad Naval Base will and on the roadstead in the Neva River. The placement of ships on the raid is scheduled for the coming nights. In connection with the installation of equipment, the movement of boats in the Neva River is limited.