The Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House resumes Segway tours

15 July 2020

This museum is famous for segway excursions.

The Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House launches a segway tour "The Way of Errors, Disappointments and Hopes", dedicated to the life and work of Sergei Dovlatov. The tour takes place on July 15 at 18.00, July 26, August 5 and 23 at 12.00. Let us recall that the writer lived and worked on ulitsa Rubinshteyna, with short breaks, for 34 years - from 1944 to 1978.

On July 18 and August 15 at 15.00, July 29 and August 26 at 18.00, as part of the excursion "I am passing through the eternal city ...", you will get acquainted with the main Leningrad addresses of Joseph Brodsky. Namely, the Muruzi house, where the famous "room and a half" was located, the school, the courthouse. The walk ends in the "American Study of Joseph Brodsky" at the Anna Akhmatova Museum.

On July 22 and August 12 at 18.00, on August 1 at 15.00 an excursion "St. Petersburg of the Silver Age" takes place, telling of the historical realities of literary life at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries. The segway tour begins at the Anna Akhmatova Museum, then the participants proceed past the Tenishevsky School, where Osip Mandelstam studied, stop by the "Stray Dog Café" and "Halt of Comedians" and continue to the editorial office of the Apollon magazine and the "Writers Commune" (House of Arts). The route ends at the Muruzi house.

The information is provided by the Committee for Culture.