Online project "Memories of an old mansion" in Lermontovka library

15 July 2020

The project is dedicated to the history of a noble mansion located in the historical center of St. Petersburg at Liteiny Prospekt, 17-19.

The first episode will be released on the library's YouTube channel on July 20.

10 years ago, the staff of the Library named after  M. Y. Lermontov began to study the history of the building and arranged a memorial exposition "Family portrait against the background of history" dedicated to the last pre-revolutionary owners of the mansion, the Counts Musin-Pushkin, in the Library's Blue Drawing Room. They began to collect books, documents, and conduct excursions to the ceremonial interiors.

Today, the local history project not only continues its work, but also moves into a new online format, which will allow readers to study even more interesting, little-known reliable information from the life of the building, people, institutions located in it, to recall significant events from the past of Liteiny part, city and country.

The cycle "Memories of an Old Mansion" invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the pre-revolutionary everyday life of a noble nest with its worries and joys, talk about social events, famous owners and guests of the house.

The topics of the issues will touch on the history of the construction and reconstruction of the mansion, pay attention to the peculiarities of its architecture and the biography of the author of the project and architect L. F. Vendramini.  After all, thanks to his efforts and cares of people who have restored and preserved the building, Liteiny Prospekt is adorned by the architectural and urban planning monument of St. Petersburg, the mansion of Prince Urusov, the mansion of the Musins-Pushkin counts, the M. Y. Lermontov Central Library.  One object, three names, three eras - in the issues of the series "Memories of an Old Mansion".


 Presenter: Anna Filimonova, tour guide, researcher, curator of local history and excursion programs at the M. Y. Lermontov Library.