Priozersk is on the list of 5 most popular lake towns for child resort in summer

16 July 2020

The Russian service for vacation rental has conducted a survey to find out where women with children prefer to go for lake recreation this summer Saki in the Crimea, Sol-Iletsk in the Orenburg region, Yarovoe in the Altai Krai, Bannoe in Bashkortostan and Priozersk in the Leningrad region made up the top five popular lake towns for families with children this summer.

According to the survey, women with children book lake vacations for a period from 5 to 11. 7 nights and spend from 2 to 3.3 thousand rubles per day on accommodation. The cheapest place for families with children to relax is the lake in Saki, them or expensive one is lake Yakty-Kul (Bannoe) in Bashkortostan.

The list is based on the data of accommodation reservation by women with children for the period from June 1 to August 31, 2020.

Five popular lake towns for families with children in the summer of 2020:

- Saki - 2035.1 rubles / 11.7 nights

- Sol-Iletsk - 2156.25 rubles / 6.7 nights

- Yarovoe - 2742.2 rubles / 6.3 nights

- Bannoe - 3304 rubles / 5 nights

- Priozersk - 2608.2 rubles / 11 nights