The St. Petersburg metro has developed a disinfector for handrails

16 July 2020

According to the Saint Petersburg TV channel, the Virustop-P remote disinfector is capable of destroying viruses and bacteria on the escalator handrails using ultraviolet rays.

Thus, the device sterilizes the lifters while they are in operation.

Testing of this device is carried out in the machine room of the Begovaya metro station. After treatment with ultraviolet light, samples are collected from the handrails, according to the results of the study, the engineers will decide on the introduction of the new device at other stations.

Currently, employees of the cleaning company treat escalators with antiseptic once an hour. It is noted that even if the new device is approved, the previous method of disinfection will still not be abandoned, because, according to the engineer of the production and technical department of the escalator service, Roman Grigoriev, wiping the handrails is a necessary measure to get rid of dirt that radiation cannot remove.





* According to the TV channel "Saint Petersburg"