Petersburg is in the Top 10 Cities for Vacation Romances

17 July 2020

Russian accommodation booking service has interviewed its users to find out the best places for holiday romances.

 The majority of tourists (24.79%) have their holiday flings in Yalta. Sochi occupies the second place with 17.09% of Russians noting that the main Krasnodar resort on the Black Sea is most suitable for romance. St. Petersburg wins the "bronze": 12.82% of tourists prefer to walk together during the "white nights" and arrange romantic dates on the rooftops of the city.

According to the survey, tourists also often have resort romances in Gelendzhik (11.11%), Vityazevo (10.26%), Gagra (8.55%) and Feodosia (5.98%). Zelenogradsk (4.27%), Kislovodsk (2.56%) and Kazan (2.56%) are least suitable for resort romances, according to social media users.


Ten cities where tourists have vacation romances:

- Yalta, 24.79%

- Sochi, 17.09%

- Saint Petersburg, 12.82%

- Gelendzhik, 11.11%

- Vityazevo, 10.26%

- Gagra, 8.55%

- Feodosia, 5.98%

- Zelenogradsk, 4.27%

- Kislovodsk, 2.56%

- Kazan, 2.56%


* According to a survey in social networks