The new exhibition hall of the State Museum of urban sculpture opens to visitors

17 July 2020

Next week 2 exhibitions start working at once: "The Village chronicle: Alina and Boris Lesov" and the II Biennale of black-and-white photography from the creative Association "MFamilia".

In the works of the first artists-the Northern landscape, harsh edges, stingy in color and detail. The paintings transform a monotonous, dreary landscape into a place of calm and inspiration.

The exhibition presents about twenty works of 2000-2010-ies from the private collection of the Lesov family.

The exhibition is open to visitors from July 22 to August 23, 2020

Also on June 25 at 14:00, in the new exhibition hall the award ceremony will be held for the participants of the II Biennale of black and white photography “MFamilia”.

The II all-Russian black-and-white photo exhibition, organized by the creative Association MFamilia, brought together photographers from various cities of Russia.

Many people associate black-and-white photography with film photography, a period when people developed and printed their own shots of their family's life. Therefore, like the first Biennale, the exhibition brings together the work of photographers on the theme of relationships and emotions within the family.

The exhibition itself will be held from July 21 to August 30.




New exhibition hall of the Museum of urban sculpture