St. Petersburg became the world capital of jazz again

20 July 2020

On July 15-17, St. Petersburg became the site for the first worldwide online festival ID Jazz SPb 2020, bringing together 3 continents and musicians from 19 countries. More than 1 million people attended the festival.

The situation dictated a new, unprecedented format. Unexpectedly, the online music festival has become a real hit, opening up unique opportunities to meet world jazz stars. The musicians, being in different remote parts of the planet, were able to meet in St. Petersburg, on Fontanka.Ru, and please the millions of audiences with their original performances. Berlin, California, Riga, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, London, Tallinn, Milan ... With these and many other cities, St. Petersburg was connected by an invisible bridge that erased borders and time zones.

Jazz improvisation by virtuosos from Europe and America, ethnic motives, African culture, Baltic lyrics, electronic sound ... The festival revealed and demonstrated to the general public the most diverse tendencies of modern jazz and delighted not only sophisticated professional musicians, but also an audience far from the nuances of the genre ... Jazz was able to overcome elitism and reach out to listeners in an understandable, emotional language, receiving applause and rave reviews from hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Russia was represented at the festival:

- Atomic Jam Band

- Bison Grass

- Dizzy Dutch Duck

- Electricity Killed The Cat

- Ten Bitz

- Goodnight

- Ilya Korchagin Quartet

- Alexei Chizhik Quartet


The groups performed at one of the best club venues in St. Petersburg - Roof Music Place, from which the panorama opened on to the city and its modern symbols: Lakhta Center, Gazprom Arena and the cable-stayed bridge.

The headliners of the Festival were:

- Richard Bona (Cameroon / USA)

- Fatoumata Diavara (Mali / France)

- Dob Nyahore (Cote d'Ivoire)

- Sebastian Studnitsky (Germany)

- Cecco Fornarelli (Italy)

ID Jazz showed that music transcends boundaries and distances, it easily breaks down ethnic and racial barriers. National identity and local flavor make jazz a much more diverse and rich language of communication. Music, jazz unite the world, and our festival vividly and convincingly proved this. Of course, the pandemic will pass, but such a universal format requires further development, because - one way or another - the future belongs to new online technologies.

Recordings of ID Jazz SPb 2020 broadcasts are available in the official group of the VK Festival:

Organizer - Committee ofCulture of St. Petersburg

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