An exhibition of works by Lyudmila Belova called «Processes» is conducted at Sergey Kuryokhin Center of Contemporary Art until August 1

20 July 2020

Lyudmila Belova's «Processes» creative project is aimed to explore the impact of new technologies and scientific discoveries on human life.

The exhibition area casts a platform for reflections on the entry of the human kind in to the world of technology, the relationship between micro and macrocosms and the processes taking place in the human mind.

The exhibition presents installations, videoart, paintings and objects. A multi channel audio installation called «Processes» created exclusively for the project by musician and audio artist Igor Potsukailo, sounds here for the first time.

To purchase a ticket, you need to select a date and then indicate the number of tickets for a specific period of time.

Discount tickets are available; when visiting the exhibition you must show your paper sat the entrance.