Pulkovo is in Top 10 airports of Europe and Russia in June 2020 by passenger traffic

21 July 2020

Among large airports in Europe and Russia Pulkovo airport for the second month in a row stays in Top list of the airports by its passenger traffic.

Analytics from BBCC, managing company of Pulkovo airport summed up results by passenger traffic of airports in Europe and Russia of June 2020 and Pulkovo is in Top 10 the busiest airports now and is ahead of Heathrow in London, Munich, Oslo and others. Pulkovo has operated 435 000 of passengers.

According to statistics of ACI (Airports Council International) in May 2020 Pulkovo airport was 8th in ranking. Behind are only airports of Rome and Bergen. In May 2020 passenger traffic of Pulkovo airport made 135 000.

It is necessary to admit that official statistics from ACI (Airports Council International) comes soon.

Today Pulkovo airport has returned 100% of passenger traffic of domestic flights. For example, in 1-19th of July the airport has operated more than 400 000 passengers that suits to the same period in 2019.

According to the results of 2019 Pulkovo became a laurate of the prestigious award of Airports Council International, which is given every year to aviatransport complexes all over the world for their high quality and passenger service. Pulkovo was the best airport in ASQ (Airport Service Quality Ranking among European airports with yearly passenger traffic 15-25 million of people.

Pulkovo airport is on the 4th place by passenger traffic on Russia. In 2020 Pulkovo became a winner of the annual international award – Air Gates of Russia as the best airport of the country due to people’s and air company’s voting. Since 2010 the main operator of Pulkovo airport is international consortium Air Gates of Northern Capital, basing on state-private partnership manages the airport and the project of its reconstruction and developing.