The new Aslan Chekhoev museum opens with the «Selected» exhibition of paintings by Anatoly Zaslavsky

22 July 2020

The new Aslan Chekhoev museum opens with the «Selected» exhibition of paintings by Anatoly Zaslavsky

It will open on July 22 after a long lock down.

Today the new Aslan Chekhoev museum opens for visitors in Saint-Petersburg.The «Selected» exhibition of paintings by Anatoly Zaslavsky will be presented to guests. The exhibition will run until August 23.

As told by representatives of the museum, the «Selected» project is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Anatoly Zaslavsky'sbirth and represents the artist's subjective view on his own works.

Anatoly Savelievich Zaslavsky is a Saint-Petersburg artist, curator, founder of the «Hopeless Painters» association, which continues the traditions of the pre-war Leningrad group «Circle of Artists», the Sidlin School and the artists of the Arefiev Circle.

Zaslavsky's paintings eliminate the opposition between art nouveau and traditionalism, figurativeness and abstractionism, primitivism and realism. Zaslavsky uses tensions another resource of the pictorial language, transmits it to canvases, making the artist's statement more expressive and falling out of the automatism of audience expectations.

The new museum takes care of the safety of its employees and guests  and follows the recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing amid the pandemic restrictions. You can visit the museum by appointment. The halls of the museum are regularly cleaned with special cleaning substances; visitors are offered sanitizers to clean their hands. Guests get their temperature tested at the entrance; it is obligatory to wear hygienic masks and keep social distance according to the marks with in the halls of the museum. You can buy tickets touch free with your bank card at the ticket office.