"Shelter of the comedian" told about the premieres in the new season

22 July 2020

At the end of August, the theater will show the performances "It's all her" and "Russian classics".

The theater "Shelter of the comedian" is preparing for the release of two premieres at once: Alexander Sozonov's play "It's all her" and Dmitry Volkostrelov's production "Russian classics". This is reported by the Committee ofculture of Saint Petersburg.

"It's all her" is a play about a desperate tempt to understand and hear each other. An ordinary Russian family. After the death of the father, the relationship between mother and son is similar to the cold war. To understand the feelings of the teenager and help him, the mother registers a fake account under the name of the girl Toffee and begins to correspond with her son. You can see the production of "It's all her" on August 21 and 22.

"Dmitry Volkostrelov refers to Russian classical literaturein his new production at the theater "Shelter of the comedian". But he does not create another interpretation of a well-known history, but makes the phenomenon of “Russian classics” the main theme, plot and hero of the play ”- this is how the play“ Russian Classics ”is described, you can visit it on August 27 and 28.