The week will start with heat, then cold and rain

27 July 2020

From Tuesday,are forecast showers and thunderstorms in the Northern capital.

According to the Federal state budgetary institution "North-Western Department for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring", on Monday, July 27, the air temperature will be +24...+26 degrees. The wind is moderate, with few clouds and no precipitation.

On Tuesday, July 28, the night is slightly cloudy and without precipitation. In the afternoon it is cloudy with rain, in the second half of the day there are showers and thunderstorms. The wind is light at night, moderate during the day, and gusty during thunderstorms. The air temperature at night will be + 15...+17 degrees, during the day +22... + 24 degrees.

On Wednesday, forecasters predict cloudy weather. In most areas, there will be short-term rains, showers and thunderstorms in places during the day. Wind at night from weak to moderate, moderate during the day, with thunderstorms with strong gusts. The air temperature at night will be + 16... + 18 degrees, during the day +22...+24 degrees.



Photo: Sergey Stetsko/