Rosfoto center has resumed working

27 July 2020

Rosfoto State Museum and Exhibition Center has been open for visitors since today.

On Monday –the 27th of July – Rosfoto Museum and Exhibition Center re-opened after the compulsory break due to COVID-19.

As reported by St. Petersburg Committee for Culture, the visitors will be admitted to two exhibitions: Wiener Staatsoper by Lois Lammerhuber and Face to Face by Frank Gaudlitz and Amélie Losier.

Wiener Staatsoper exhibition is to be open in Front Building until the 30th of August. Photographer and publisher Lois Lammerhuber and Dominique Meyer –the director of Vienna State Opera since 2010 till 2020 – narrate a story unfolding outside the audience hall and showing the hidden interior life of the theater.

Face to Face exhibition – joint exhibition project by Rosfoto and the Saint Petersburg Goethe Institute – is to be open in Courtyard Building until the 23rd of August. It combines two photo projects made by Amélie Losier and Frank Gaudlitz while many-day distant journeys.