Anikushin's workshop is open again

27 July 2020

The opening of a branch of the Museum of urban sculpture "Anikushin's Workshop" was told in the city Committee for culture.

After the temporary suspension of its activities, the branch of the Museum of urban sculpture "Anikushin's Workshop"has reopened for visitors.

In the Workshop, you can get acquainted with the stages of creating a sculpture from the appearance of the first sketch on paper to casting in bronze. Sculptural works of Mikhail Anikushin can also be seen at the exhibitions "Portraits" and"Personal biography". A free audio guide is available for visitors.

In addition, the exhibition "When a tree becomes a stone"is presented for visitors. You will be able to see the works of St. Petersburg sculptors on the theme of time.

It is noted that in the exhibition space there are game zones with tasks and explanations for the exhibits. For children, there is a free itinerary that will be an unobtrusive guide to the exhibition. The exhibition will be available until the end of November.