Industrial tourism has a good perspective for tourism

28 July 2020

St. Petersburg is not only cultural, but also one of the largest industrial and innovation centers in Russia. More than 750 large and medium-sized enterprises are located here. And an increasing number of them open their doors to tourists eager to learn how the production process works.

Industrial tourism is a very perspective segment of the tourist industry. Due to its cultural, historical and architectural heritage, St. Petersburg is recognized as an "open-air museum". But this is not the only thing that delights and inspires guests of the city. One of the modern trends in tourism is - development of the industrial direction of the industry.

Tired of standard excursions and seeking new experiences, tourists discover new, previously unavailable destinations. More and more travelers are becoming interested in learning and seeing how things that surround them in everyday life are made: candies or complex mechanisms, jewelry or cars.

In Saint Petersburg, you can get on a test drive of cars and see the work of robots when you visit a Nissan plant. Tatiana Moiseichenko, Communications manager at Nissan Manufacturing RUS tells:

“We are always happy to show the use of digital technologies and automation at all stages of production. Interesting, that our examples are our own developments, which are implemented and supported by the plant engineers. As an example, comes an automatic conveyor with an electric drive. These cars move along given them trajectory in an autonomous mode without human intervention. Their task is to deliver carts with components or bodies to an assembly station. All of this could be seen live. There are more than 100 of such transporters at the plant, so there is a lot of traffic and you need to move around the plant as carefully and safely as possible".

The enterprises located in the northern capital are ready to receive visitors and open their doors to demonstrate technical solutions and novelties of modern production. However, in Russia, industrial and industrial tourism is not yet as widespread and developed at the same level as, for example, in Europe. They can become completely new and very promising areas and interest businesses.

The successful practice of organizing excursion tours to enterprises has already been tested at the Uzor factory, known for its unique technology for creating tapestries. There are already tours at the Petersburg’s dam. During such a tour, you can see the work of the protective structures that protect the city from floods.The Imperial Porcelain Factory has already welcomed its guests.

Tatiana Tylevich, General Director of the Imperial Porcelain Factory: “The excursion includes a visit of the production and a master class on porcelain painting. Celebrating 20 years after a wedding day is well-known as a porcelain wedding, so many people come to us to celebrate, to see how porcelain is made, and they could also create their own set or vase for this wonderful anniversary. This is a separate direction in our business, we are developing it, actively promoting it and hope that many people will come to us after the pandemic".

Fans of industrial tourism could also visit the Northern Shipyard company, where modern ships are constructed. You can find out more about the ship constructing industry at the Kronstadt Marine Plant or at the Petersburg’s seaport. For those who are interested in heavy industry there are also excursions to the KirovskyZavod, Arsenal and ProletarskyZavod(these plants) will give everyone wonderful impressions. Moreover, in the city on the river Neva, you can visit "HEINEKEN" and "COCA-COLA" factories, where you can learn about the technology of producing popular drinks. You can see how ice cream is made at the Petrokholod enterprise.

We should also mention the modern urban spaces, which have become now restored industrial heritage sites. This is how Planetarium No. 1 operates in the building of one of the oldest gas tanks. More and more citizens and tourists like tospend time on New Holland island and at Sevkabel port–which are now very popular places especially among young people.