Resumption of bus routes from Saint Petersburg to Riga

29 July 2020

However, so far not for tourists, but for the «relevant categories of travelers», according to a group of the european network of international bus passenger transport Ecolines in VK.

Buses from Saint Petersburg depart every Friday at 20:10. Despite the fact that tickets are already on sale, not everyone will be able to get to Latvia.


The «relevant categories of travelers» include:

1. Latvian citizens / non-citizens, their close relatives;

2. Citizens of other countries who is having a transit through Latvia to home destination;

3. EU citizens + EEA nationals + Swiss citizens. Close relatives of citizens living in these countries;

4. Citizens who have a residence permit / permanent residency in the countries described in paragraph 3, passing through the territory of Latvia;

5. Sailors;

6. Foreigners whose need to enter Latvia in order to fulfill their commercial obligations has been confirmed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia;

7. Foreign diplomats and members of their families crossing the territory of the Republic of Latvia in transit to perform their official functions, also holders of the diplomatic passport of Latvia, officials, diplomatic and consular services officials and members of their families who are returning from the country where they performed their official duties or need to get to country to perform official duties;

8. State citizens of Latvia who are members of the official Latvian delegations or who must get to their place of work within the framework of an intergovernmental project.


In addition, upon arrival in Latvia or returning to Russia, quarantine restrictions related to COVID-19 are in effect. More information about restrictions can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.



* according to the regulations of the Latvian government