“Vodokanal” introduced three new routes along the fountains of Saint Petersburg

18 August 2020

“Pearl”, “Automobile” and “Central” routes will talk about fountains and fountain complexes of the Northern capital.

“Vodokanal” continues to delight habitants and city guests with new audio excursions. On the eve of the organization presented three more new routes to the fountain places of the Northern capital. “Pearl,” “Automotive” and “Central” – these are names of new audio screenings, you can listen to them in the official community of the organization.

“Connoisseurs of the historical part of the city the “Central” route is suitable, which easily takes away from tourist Saint Petersburg with winding turns. For fans of car walks, the route of the same name is ideal – to follow it, you can’t rush to enjoy not only fountains, but also city views. And Pearl will be interesting to lovers of suburban landscapes”, the “Vodokanal” press-service said.