Saint Petersburg is in the top-7 of famous cities for cheap traveling in September

20 August 2020

The Russian booking service revealed where it’s possible inexpensively go on a trip in September.

Rostov-on-Don, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Barnaul, Krasnodar, Simferopol and Bakhchisaray made up seven popular cities for cheap travel in September around the country.

According to the poll, tourists book trips in the first month of autumn for 1-2 days and will spend on accommodation from 710.4 rubles to 1.5 thousand rubles a day. In August the cheapest to relax in Bakhchisaray, the most expensive is in Saint Petersburg.

The list is based on the data of accommodation reservations for vacations by tourists for the period from September 1 to 30, 2020.

Seven popular cities for low-cost travel in September:

  • Rostov-on-Don: 1350 rubles/1 night *
  • Saint Petersburg: 1,500 rubles/1 night
  • Volgograd: 1400 rubles/1 night
  • Barnaul: 1000 rubles/1 night
  • Krasnodar: 1300 rubles/1 night
  • Simferopol: 929.2 rubles/1.2 nights
  • Bakhchisaray: 710.4 rubles/1.25 nights


* Average family expenses per night/average number of nights booked