«Lastochka» train will "fly" again to Petrozavodsk from September, 1

25 August 2020

This is reported by the press service of the October railway (OZHD).

During the period of strict restrictive measures both in St. Petersburg and Karelia, these trains had been canceled. So, from September 1, the train number 804 will depart from the Moscow railway station at 6:32 and will be in Petrozavodsk at 11: 50, the train number 805 goes at 18: 00 and arrives at 22: 57 respectively. From Petrozavodsk, the train # 803 will leave at 6:36 and come to St. Petersburg at 12:00, # 805 - at 18:00 (departure) and 22: 56 (arrival).

You can buy tickets for these routes in the standard mode, through the official website of the Russian Railways and the app "Russian Railways to Passengers", as well as at any railway ticket office.



Photo: pixabay.com/images/id-839208/