The seventh Russian Suvorov Patriotic art festival will open on August 29

25 August 2020

The festival provides an opportunity for young talents of the country to make their creative contribution to understanding the great history of the Russian state, to glorify the unique commander — Alexander Suvorov, who is a role model for many generations of Russians.

The large-scale historical festival will be held in Novaya Ladoga on August 29. This festival is dedicated to the 290th anniversary of the great commander A.V. Suvorov. "Alley of Glory-the miracle heroes of Suvorov".

Guests of the festival will be able to participate in interactive events: military field games-relays for children and adults, military historical quest for school teams. The festival will also feature a thematic photo zone, art workshops and a field kitchen.

The ceremony of laying the Walk of fame will take place: each of the guests will be able to participate in the planting of 100 trees.

The event will take place on August 29, from 13: 00 to 17: 00, in Novaya Ladoga (Suvorovsky square). Admission is free.