Decoration of Saint Petersburg for the New Year will start from 9th November

06 October 2020

The decoration is planned to be completed in stages. The streets of Saint Petersburg will be decorated with New Year's decoration starting from 9th November, as the Petersburg Diary newspaper reports.

As reported, the installation of festive decorations along the central streets of the city – Nevsky and Moskovsky prospects, as well as Pulkovskoe highway - will be completed on 1 December. By December, 10th according to the report, all garlands will light up, and 10 days later, on 20 December, lights will be lit on Christmas trees, on the main Christmas tree on Palace Square and on Palace Bridge.

As in the previous year, bedroom districts will be additionally decorated. The decorative composition «Rotunda» will be placed in the South Seaside Park. Grazhdansky and Primorsky prospects, the Choyrnaya River embankment will be decorated in a special way. There is also a new decorative composition «Angel's Clock», which is planned to be installed on Rastrelli Square. The decoration of Palace Bridge will be another novelty.