The restoration projects of the forts of Kronstadt have been presented in Saint Petersburg

08 October 2020

The Mikhailovsky theater hosted a board meeting for the preservation of the cultural heritage. Its participants discussed the draft projects of the restoration of the forts «Emperor Alexander I», «Kronshlot» and «Emperor Peter I», as the interactive portal «Gorod Plus» informs.

During the event, the Governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov said that three forts are included in the concept of the military-historical park. Each of them has its restoration plan. So, the fort «Emperor Peter I» will become a museum complex. The fort “Emperor Alexander I” will become a hotel complex, and public spaces, a restaurant and a venue for special events will be placed on the territory of the fort «Kronshlot».

«We will make a new tourist spot on the map of Saint Petersburg», said Xenia Shoygu, Vice-chairman of the Investment Committee of the trust non-profit fund on development of the tourist and recreational cluster of the city of Kronstadt.