Orchestra Metelitsa will give concert "Tri bogatyrya russkoy muzyki" in St. Petersburg State Academic Capella

15 October 2020

On the 8th of October a concert by State Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments Metelitsa with programme "Tri bogatyrya russkoy muzyki" will take place in St. Petersburg State Academic Capella.

The programme is dedicated to three outstanding personalities in the sphere of Russian folk music: Nikolay Pavlovich Budashkin, Pavel Vasilyevich Kulikov and Yuriy Nikolaevich Shishakov. Everyone of those is famous as an excellent composer and has been a wise teacher. The works by those authors combine the classical traditions of Russian music and the elements of modern musical language. It is no coincidence that a lot of those compositions have been included by famous folk artists and Russian folk instrument bands’ in their repertoires.

Different works by the composers mentioned above will sound at the concert. The interpreter will be acted as by State Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments Metelitsa well known by Saint Petersburg music lovers and conducted by its permanent and main conductor – Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Tonin. The special concert programme is dedicated to those very authors due to 2020’s being a jubilee year of them: Budashkin and Kulikov were born in 1910 and Shishakov was born in 1925.

On the concert poster there are “Bogatyrs” by Victor Vasnetsov represented and it is no coincidence. The same creative power of Russian lands as the one illustrated in the famous painting is felt in Budashkin, Kulikov and Shishakov’s arts: the same mighty connection between the traditions of the heroic past and the deeds of the present, the same readiness to stand up for the protection of one’s country which is appropriate to the Russian character and, of course, the same undying, selfless and holy Love for one’s great Motherland as the one of the Russian epic bogatyrs. That is the “kinship” that fills the arts of the “three bogatyrs of the Russian folk music” – Nikolay Budashkin, Pavel Kulikov and Yuriy Shishakov.

The soloists of Metelitsa are all-Russian and international contest laureates Elena Kurskaya (folk singing), Andrey Kasyanov (balalaika), Yevgeny Zhelinsky (balalaika), Amvrosy Tarasov (balalika), Andrey Sergeev (domra), Elena Volikova (soprano), Dinar Baytemirov (baritone). The concert will be hosted by All-Union festival laureate and Honoured Artist of All-Russian Music Scene Konstantin Nikitin.

Time:  November 8, 2020, 7 p.m.

Event: concert Tri bogatyrya russkoy muzyki

Place: St. Petersburg State Academic Capella (naberezhnaya reki Moyki, 20)