02 September 2016

On September the 17th four of the most famous Saint Petersburg squares, located in the city's historical centre: Ostrovskogo Square, Konushennaya Square, Isaakievskaya Square and Birzhevaya Square, will host an open air music festival Music on The Neva, organized by The Saint Petersburg Tourism and Hospitality Committee.

Starting from midday, the world-renowned professional musicians will be taking the open-air stage to perform before the people of Saint Petersburg and the city’s visitors. Their rendition of classical musical pieces will put an end to the tourist season and give a fresh start to a new Saint Petersburg tradition.

Music is a language that everyone understands, it knows no borders. It unites, spiritualizes and purifies. On this day all classical music admirers from all over the world will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the biggest open air museum in the world to the enchanting soundsof  the immortal classical pieces.

Ostrovskogo Square, Konushennaya and Isaakievskaya Squares will welcome The Festival guests at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00. The beginning and the end of musical performances are planned in such a way that petersburgers and the city’s guests could walk from one venue to another and enjoy classical music of different genres and from different ages.

The high point of The Festival will be a big gala concert on the main stage – Birzhevaya Square (starts at 20:00). After it ends, at 21:35 the bright fireworks will light upthe Saint Petersburg sky.

The theme and name of the music festival were not picked at random. Saint Petersburg has established itself as a dominating force in promoting cultural evolution, keeping and enriching the classical music traditions. Many renowned composers and performers, representing the best of the best in classical music, were either born or lived on the banks of The Neva. The spirit of Saint Petersburg, it’s grandeur and rich historical and cultural heritage – this is what inspires the creative people to open up their talent and share their magic with others.

As The Music on The Neva Festival art director, The art director of The Saint Petersburg Musical Theatre Zazerkalie, People’s Artist of Russia, professorAlexander VasilievichPetrov poetically notes, this city has always been filled with music: from the whispering of the Neva waves to the frozen music of its squares and architectural ensembles, from the straight geometrical lines of Vasilievsky Island to the baroque architecture of Smolny Cathedral; it is ringed by a river that is the river of music.

The Music on The Neva Festival is aimed at promoting Saint Petersburg as the global tourist, cultural and art centre. This major open-air music event is set to become a good tradition and another signature event of Saint Petersburg: it will surely become annual, boostingits presence and extending the geography of its guests and performers.