In St. Petersburg, the work of catering facilities is limited, people are obliged to wear personal protective equipment in transport

22 October 2020

On October 22, the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov signed amendments to the Decree №121 of St. Petersburg Government dated March 13, 2020 “On measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in St. Petersburg”.

The activity of children's playrooms with an area of ​​more than 50 m² on the territories of trade and catering facilities, in shopping and entertainment centres is prohibited until November 29, 2020.

Catering organizations (except for the territory of railway stations, airport and petrol station) are closed at night until November 29, 2020. Leisure and entertainment activities of catering organizations are prohibited.

The presence of passengers in all types of public transport without personal protective equipment is prohibited. Carriers have a duty not to allow passengers without personal protective equipment into the vehicle.


According to the amendments, all organizations and individual entrepreneurs need to adopt a security standard per the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor (The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) and receive a unique QR code (Quick Response Code) confirming the compliance of activity with the requirements.

Organizations (individual entrepreneurs) must place such QR code at all addresses of their activity in prominent places, and which do not have it yet must receive it. The employers are advised to shift the maximum possible number of employees to remote mode.

Organizations (individual entrepreneurs) need to send to the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of St. Petersburg information about the telephone numbers of employees over 65 years old (without personal data), who cannot be shifted to remote mode, indicating the reasons for the impossibility of such shift.

Organizations (individual entrepreneurs) are advised to refrain from holding celebratory and leisure events.The executive branches of Government of St. Petersburghave been instructed not to carry out such events unless absolutely necessary.