Presentation of a Korean audio guide in the Faberge museum

27 October 2020

On October 28 the Faberge Museum will solemnly present an audio guide in the Korean language, a long-awaited gift for guests from the Republic of Korea

Interest in the culture and history of Russia, including art and luxury goods, has been steadily growing in Korea in recent years. The Faberge Museum is a real gem for Korean tourists. When the General Consulate of the Republic of Korea receives high-ranking delegations, it invites them to get acquainted with unique artworks by Carl Faberge, Imperial Russia's most talented jeweler. Guests always enjoy visiting the museum. To honour the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Korea and Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea came up with an idea to create an audio guide in the Korean language for Korean tourists who visit the Faberge Museum in Saint-Petersburg, and the General Consulate implemented this idea in collaboration with the museum.

Mr. Kwon Dong Sok, the General Consul of the Republic of Korea in Saint Petersburg, and Ekaterina Puchkova, Public Relations Deputy Director, will salute the guests at the solemn ceremony. Directors of Korean travel companies in Saint Petersburg will be the first to test the new type of service and enjoy listening to a story about the amazing collection of the museum.

The Faberge Museum is not the only museum to create an audio guide in the Korean language this year. The Dostoevsky Museum presented its Korean audio guide last month; soon a Korean audio guide will become available to visitors of the Russian Museum.

The event will take place on October 28 at9:30

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