Saint Petersburg is among the leading cities that Russia’s inhabitants visit using the tourist cash-back programme.

28 October 2020

Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) has questioned the tour-operators and hoteliers participating in the domestic tourism stimulation programme (tourist cash-back).

According to Rostourism, Saint Petersburg has become the leader in the general rating of the tourist directions Russian people book tours to. The city became the 5th in the booking cost and the 4th in the number of bookings. That allowed Saint Petersburg to take the 1st place.

“The domestic tourism is recovering the tourist flow to Saint Petersburg. The economical losses the industry suffered due to the restrictive measures are now being progressively made up”, governor Alexander Beglov said commenting the results of Rostourism’s interrogation. The tourist flow to Leningrad Oblast is also increasing. The guests of the neighbouring region will be able to arrive to Saint Petersburg and get acquainted with our richest cultural and historical heritage. The tourist cash-back programme helps people see one of the world’s most beautiful cities and spend less money on that”, Alexander Beglov emphasised.  

According to the governor’s words, there is the arrangement of information exchange between Russia.Travel National Touristic Portal and Saint Petersburg Official Register of Tourism Organisations achieved.
“Our guests will be able to plan their trips quickly and comfortably. The city will gain additional resources for the domestic tourism promotion. All this will have a good influence on the income of Saint Petersburg tourism industry and the budget of the city. Furthermore, work-places are being saved in the tourism industry itself and in the related industries as well”, Alexander Beglov remarked.

It is to be reminded that the second stage of the cash-back started in Russia on the 15th of October.


The Saint Petersburg tourism industry provides about 100 thousand work-places. In the peak season this number reaches 300 thousand. 50 branches of the Saint Petersburg economy are related to tourism.




Photo: from publicly available sources.