A nuclear submarine will take the central place in Naval Glory Museum in Kronstadt

29 October 2020

Currently, the submarine is being in a ship-repairing yard in Murmansk Oblast.

K-3 Leninsky komsomol Nuclear Submarine will become the key dominant of the future museum in Kronstadt, as reported by Peterburgsky dnevnik. For the present, the submarine is being in Nerpa Ship-Repairing Yard in Murmansk Oblast.

“It is impossible to imagine the history of our country’s navy without the development of nuclear submarine force at which origins the legendary K-3’s creation stood. Being recreated in its historical appearance, the submarine will be not just the Naval Glory Museum’s  central exhibit impressive for the way it looks but also a unique educative venue dedicated to the history of Nuclear Navy of Russia”, head of project office for Kronstadt tourism and recreation cluster development Kseniya Shoygu.

It is to be noted that the area of the future Naval Glory Museum will be about 35 thousand square meters. The opening of the museum is planned for 2024.




Photo:Serguei Fomine/Globallookpress