Photo exhibition will open at the Dostoevsky Museum

29 October 2020

From November 5, the museum will be able to visit the exhibition “Andrey Myshkin. An idiotic city."

St. Petersburg in the works of Andrei Myshkin can be seen as part of an exhibition at the Dostoevsky Museum. This was reported on the museum's website.

“The person who writes is read in every frame through a kind of literary plot. A certain novelty, which is difficult not to feel, is present in the artist's view of the city. He is like a Dreamer-flannere from White Nights, seemingly aimlessly wandering around the city, catching its mental curves, paying attention to the imperceptible, talking to houses, behind the scenes enters into a dialogue with his characters, turning everything into a fact of art, ”they say in the museum.

The exhibition will run from 5 to 25 November 2020. The official website of the Dostoevsky Museum: