Masks, gloves and ... swords

02 November 2020

On November 14 and 15, St. Petersburg will host two main events of the Festival of Fencing Culture - the Grand Asso Assembly and the Fencer's Day.

The Grand Asso brings back the Petersburg traditions of "public battles" popular in the 18th-19th centuries. Associative fencing fights are held in a classical manner. This type of fencing is more understandable for the audience, since the fencer needs to make a thrust that is visible to the “naked eye” - without electrical appliances.

Traditionally, the Day of the Fencer is celebrated in the Alexander Garden in May, on the eve of the City Day. The holiday is celebrated by everyone who appreciates the skill of using cold weapons, who is interested in history and art, who believes in the inviolability of the laws of honor and considers them to be symbols of the sword.

“We couldn’t be left without the Day of the Fencer in the year of his 15th anniversary,” says Alina Tulyakova, chairman of the St. Petersburg Fencing Club. - It was not possible to get together in May due to the pandemic. But fencing teaches us how to respond to challenges. The Fencer's Day will be held in the hall for the first time and will be broadcast online. "

Fencing culture unites connoisseurs of fencing and art.

During the holidays, an exhibition of paintings by Vladimir Shinkarev "Fencing in Art" is open. The St. Petersburg Fencing Club is holding events this year within the framework of the "Center for Fencing Culture in St. Petersburg" project using a grant from the President of Russia provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Admission is free, by prior registration on the website, the number of viewers is limited.

Organizer - St. Petersburg Fencing Club.