A battle of claviers will be held in Saint Petersburg

05 November 2020

A battle of claviers will be held in Saint Petersburg

Two great pianists and composers. These two names are always side by side in the history of music and that is no coincidence! Both of them are the most outstanding representatives of their era and of the composer’s idea on the whole.

Their talent and piano compositions are often compared but we offer to step even further and listen to piano music by Chopin and… organ compositions by Liszt in the realm of Bitva Klavirov cyclus. Yes, indeed – Franz Liszt composed for piano and his works are extremely interesting. The most brilliant representative of the Romantic Era and the instrument personifying the triumph of Baroque is an interesting mix! And…the piano and compositions by Chopin opposite!

It will be extraordinary and interesting! For more details, click here:


The beginning time is 7 p.m.

The address is Nevsky pr., 22-24 (Petrikirche).

The age restriction is 6+.


Photo: thesarafan.ru