Opera "Velga" will be staged for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Bunin

10 November 2020

On November 12, within the framework of the II International Music Festival "Tribute to Elena Obraztsova", the Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center will host the premiere of the opera "Velga" (concert performance) based on the work of the Russian poet and writer, the first Russian Nobel Prize winner in literature (1933) I.A. Bunin, whose 150th birthday is celebrated this year.

The author of the opera is composer Valery Makarov, laureate of international and all-Russian competitions of composers, musical director and author of music for the performances of the Samara theater-studio "Zertsalo", winner of the Grand Prix of the V International Competition of Young Vocalists of Elena Obraztsova, soloist of the Chamber Stage of B. A. Pokrovsky ofBolshoi theater of Russia.

The opera and the story of the same name by I.A. Bunin are based on the sad story of Velga's unrequited love, who rushes to save her beloved, knowing that his heart does not belong to her. Endless northern landscapes, cold sea, shamanic rituals are conveyed by expressive means of music. The theme of light and eternal love, which runs through the entire opera, gives a life-affirming sound to the tragic story of I. A. Bunin.

The first performers of the opera will be laureates of international competitions, soloists of the Chamber Stage of the Pokrovsky of Bolshoi Theater of Russia Alexandra Maiskaya (soprano, part of Velga), Victoria Preobrazhenskaya (mezzo-soprano, part of Snegar), Vasily Sokolov (baritone, part of Shaman), student of the Moscow State Conservatory of P. I. Tchaikovsky Ilya Legatov (tenor, part of Irwald), laureate of the All-Russian competition of vocal and instrumental art for the Prize of the Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center Isabella Shengur (soprano, part of Charna's things).