In Diaghilev’s Circles: Intersection of Fates exhibition will open in Saint Petersburg

12 November 2020

This exhibition project will tell about the personalities of the immediate circle of outstanding Russian artist Sergey Dyagilyov.

The upcoming Saturday – the 14th of November – In Diaghilev’s Circles: Intersection of Fates international exhibition will open in Sheremetev Palace. This exhibition project will narrate about the art career of outstanding Russian cultural figure Sergey Dyagilyov via his intermediate circle. The project will be a portrait gallery of those involved by the great impresario into his intensive activities. The portraits of the theater, music and ballet celebrities of the first third part of XX century by Russia and Europe’s most famous artists will be gathered together for the first time. There are paintings, graphics and photos from Russia and Europe’s leading museums presented in the exposition.

The exhibition will be open for visitors until the 12th of February 2021. The project will take place as a part of Diaghilev. PS International Festival of Arts in 2020/2021.

For enquiries, call: 272-44-41

Sheremetev Palace