More than 50 historical buildings will be restored in the Northern capital

16 November 2020

Specialists of the Committee for State Control and Protection of Monuments have published a list of addresses where restoration work will take place.

Restoration work will be carried out in 51 buildings in St. Petersburg to preserve cultural heritage sites(CHS). The decision was made in the Committee for State Control and Protection of Monuments.

In particular, work on preserving the CHS will be carried out at the following addresses: 6-aya liniya of Vasilievsky Ostrov, 53, litera A; Alexandrovsky  park; Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa, 8, litera A; Bolshoi prospekt Petrogradskoi Storony, 13/4, litera  A; ulitsa Vosstaniya., 8, litera A; Galernaya ulitsa, 67, litera A; Gorokhovaya ulitsa, 38, litera A, B; prospect Dobrolyubova, 3, litera A; Zverinskaya ulitsa, 2/5, litera A; Izmailovsky prospekt., 2, litera A; Italyanskaya ulitsa, 6/4, litera A; Kamennoostrovsky prospekt, 55, litera A, D; ulitsa Komsomola, 4, litera A.