Popular winter entertainment among tourists were mentioned

17 November 2020

The Russian service of booking accommodation for vacation Tvil.ru surveyed users of social networks and identified what they would like to do this winter.

The majority of tourists (39.47%) are planning trips to thermal springs in Russia in the winter season 2020 - 2021. In second place - take a steam bath in a Russian bath, 18.42%. "Bronze" in the rating of the most popular winter entertainment is a  dog sledding - 15.79%.

According to the survey, also tourists plan to go on a snowmobile safari this winter (11.84%), paragliding (5.26%), skiing (2.63%), snowboarding (2.63%), ice skating (2.63%) and try ice fishing (1.32%).

Nine popular winter activities this winter:

     Swim in the thermal pool, 39.47% *

     Take a steam bath in a Russian bath, 18.42%

     Go dog sledding, 15.79%

     Go on a snowmobile safari, 11.84%

     Paragliding, 5.26%

     Go downhill skiing, 2.63%

     Go snowboarding, 2.63%

     Go ice skating, 2.63%

     Try ice fishing, 1.32%