It will get considerably warmer in St. Petersburg

17 November 2020

The chief weather forecaster of the city on the Neva tells about uncharacteristic winter weather.

On Wednesday afternoon, November 18, an unusual November weather is expected in St. Petersburg. The air will warm up to +9 degrees. Alexander Kolesov, the chief forecaster of St. Petersburg, tells us why it is so warm in mid-November. His words are quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“This is due to the passage of the weather front. It will start on November 18 with rains and temperature up to + 8° ... + 9° in the afternoon. Yes, it will get warmer up to +10 degrees, but it is more so for the night of November 19, and on Thursday evening the temperature will start to drop again and the temperature values will return close to zero and there’ll be precipitation in the form of light snow. There is an anticyclone above us all the time,” Kolesov said.

He also noted that in the foreseeable future the formation of snow cover is not expected. By November 20, it will abruptly get colder, but the weather will quickly return to its present state, he said.