The premiere of the documentary "TSVETAEVA.OPEN" will take place in St. Petersburg

17 November 2020

 The St. Petersburg premiere of the documentary “TSVETAEVA.OPEN” will be presented by actors Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Anatoly Bely and director Alla Damsker.  The premiere was organized with the assistance of the Fund for Support of Music formation and performance "1926".

 In 2000 the personal archive of Marina Tsvetaeva was published, since then everyone considered themselves entitled to judge and pass a verdict to the great poetess.  Not so long ago, the "scourging" of Tsvetaeva reached a new level, one of the TV channels showed an accusatory program where the name of the great Russian poet was trampled into the mud.  Our contemporaries (writers, artists, musicians) stood up for Marina Ivanovna and acted as a united front in the documentary project Tsvetaeva.OPEN.

 Participants are in a deep and thorough study of the actions of a stranger's soul: artists Konstantin Khabensky, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Yulia Aug, Anatoly Bely, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Nikolai Solodnikov (the author of the project "still not present"), Lyubov Arkus (the founder of the "Anton is here beside" fund),  poet Vera Polozkova, TV presenter Mikhail Kozyrev, musicians Alexei Kortnev and Boris Andrianov.  The conversation is extremely honest and open - each of them expresses their own opinion about the poet and her feelings in relation to her actions, trying to avoid everyday evaluations.  The speakers and the media persons of our time stand up for the poetic voice of the past.

 Konstantin Khabensky says: “No one is forbidden to discuss.  Another question is why it is so.  Trying to think about the actions of this or that poet from the point of view of everyday logic - it seems to me that this is wrong.  Because you will never understand the logic of a poet living in another dimension".

 The task of the co-producers of the movie - actor Anatoly Bely and director Alla Damsker - was to respond to the unfounded accusations against Marina Tsvetaeva, show the true picture of events based on letters, diaries and archival documents in which Tsvetaeva's life from 1917 to 1922 is revealed step by step.

 Alla Damsker, the director of the sensational musical theater performance “1926”, has already turned to Tsvetaeva's life in her work.  The twists and turns of one of the greatest Platonic romances between Tsvetaeva and Pasternak were portrayed on stage by Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Anatoly Bely.

 “There is a fashion to stigmatize a poet after death in Russia.  Tsvetaeva, in this sense, is “substituted herself in full”, leaving us her letters and diaries.  It is impossible to explain to everyone who sprinkles anger what it was during the tragic time and what were the true motives of Marina Tsvetaeva's actions", - says the film's director Alla Damsker.  She also says: “I want to give a chance for another alternative point of view to an inquiring mind that doubts the mud poured out.  Tsvetaeva has no heirs at the moment, there is no one to protect her name except us, contemporaries and fans of her work. "

 Vera Polozkova says: “What about all these stories: did she have the right to take her daughter to an orphanage or not?  In general, we have very little idea of ​​the circumstances in which this choice is being made. "