Join the all-Russian flash mob #PutUnThisMask

20 November 2020

Residents of the city are urged to comply with established safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic. A few simple rules - mask, distance and hand disinfection will help save lives, jobs and relieve the health system.

Masks can be uncomfortable, but they are an effective measure to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection. You can choose a comfortable mask from a variety of options and highlight your unique style. In doing so, you will help doctors, businesses and others. The mask is responsible!

Please keep your distance and wear a mask in crowded places. Today, more than ever, it is important to unite for a common goal - to restore the usual way of life as soon as possible!

The purpose of the #PutUnThisMask all-Russian flash mob is to draw users' attention to the importance of observing sanitary and hygienic requirements when visiting establishments and using masks and gloves in cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and other public places.

46 regions of Russia joined the action. Today, more than 600 restaurants and cafes, more than 400 representatives of the fitness industry, more than 800 beauty salons, large shopping centers, banks and tourist offices are participating in the action. Public spaces also join entrepreneurs: parks, galleries, theaters, museums. Anyone can support the action.