New year's concert Of the state orchestra of Russian folk instruments "Metelitsa" with the program " Ice and Flame»

11 December 2020

The ringing "Metelitsa" and the atmosphere of one of the best concert halls located in the historical center of St. Petersburg will help you get into the spirit of the new year's celebration.

The program of the festive evening includes a magical world filled with favorite melodies of I. Strauss, K. Saint-Saens, A. Khachaturian, musical works of modern authors-E. Zhelinsky and K. Shakhanov, incendiary melodies of A. Gevorgyan and M. Kazhlaev, a cheerful duet from N. Strelnikov's operetta. In the performance of "Metelitsa" you will hear an original interpretation of the music of R. Javadi for the TV series "Game of thrones", based on the series of novels by D. Martin "a Song of Ice and Fire".

Metelitsa is one of the best professional orchestras of folk instruments in Russia. Permanent Director and chief conductor - honored artist of Russia Igor Tonin.

Soloists-winners of international and all-Russian competitions: E. Kurskaya (folk singing), E. Volikova (soprano), D. baitemirov (baritone), K. Shakhanov (okarina, psaltery, zhaleyka).

Tickets cost from 200 to 500 rubles.

When: December 29, beginning at 19.00.

Where: State academic chapel of St. Petersburg.

Please note! Age limit 16+