A retrospective exhibition of Korean photography will be shown in St. Petersburg

14 December 2020

On December 21 an exhibition "One Hundred Years of Korean Art Photography, 1920–2020" will be opened at the Rosphoto Exhibition Center timed to the 30th anniversary of Russian-Korean relations. This is the first retrospective exhibition of Korean photography in Russia.

The project shows how the themes, techniques and techniques of Korean photography have evolved over time. The photographs in the exhibition are arranged chronologically and divided into three sections, according to the most important milestones in the history of Korean art photography. The exhibition brings together the works of ten authors from different eras.

The first section, "The Birth of Korean Art Photography, 1920-1950s" introduces the origins of Korean photography. This part of the exhibition features photographs that reflect the experience of artists working with photography as a phenomenon of "pure art". This approach was most common in Korean art during the period of the Japanese occupation, as well as after the liberation and the Korean War.

The second section is titled "Korean Photo Modernism, 1960-1980s" and focuses on Korean modernist photography, which emerged after the 1960s, when realism became the mainstream and photographic images began to dominate the pages of newspapers and magazines.

The third section, "Photography as Contemporary Art, 1990-2020", covers the period when photography began to expand its boundaries and gained recognition as a field of contemporary art. In the mid-1980s the artists who got education in Europe and the United States appeared.

Those authors absorbed international photographic trends and changed the concept of the essence and meaning of photography in South Korea, which was previously asked by realist photographers. They turned to experimentation and the connection of photography with other media attempting to overcome modernism and validate a new vision,

The whole exhibition shows the way the ideas of contemporary art of the 20th century were interpreted, being immersed in the national environment. "Long Exposure" which captures the processes in the country's art for a hundred years allows you to see the extraordinary history of South Korea photographic culture construction.

More details are on official Rosphoto web-site.